Managing your business has never been easier

Real-time, remote access

See stunning data of your facilities, stores, and products

Scales to any number of locations

Zoom into incredible detail

Protect privacy by hashing anonymous data

Powerful analytics

Transform any wifi and bluetooth into a business intelligence tool

Count people and measure crowd size in any area

Understand movement, activity, and product interaction

Ensure accuracy with cloud-enabled data verification

Data visualization

Distill complex data into easy-to-understand visual summaries

Get an instant snapshot of store performance

See which products and areas engage customers

Model customer movement

Enterprise reporting

Analyze global patterns, trends, and outliers

Available on-demand over any period of time

Compare any number of locations or customize to any area

Import or export any type of data

Sharing and collaboration

Sharing insights made simple for any number of employees

Save any data or insight

Annotate and tag key content

Share across the enterprise or with select teams